Election Recap

I'm a day late in honor of the Board of Elections taking until 2am to announce results . . . for a local election. So for next year's presidential election, expect results December 3rd. Hamilton County voters said no to the jail tax and county officials responded by telling us that they'll stop picking up criminals and throw them back on the street. Way to endear yourselves to the public, guys. I imagine, despite the doomsday announcements dropped today, that the county will be just fine.

The Cincinnati Public school levy failed and this is no surprise. Here's to hoping that some new board members will make a difference.

The most interesting thing was that all nine incumbents were reelected to City Council. These folk weren't the most inept council ever, but they weren't anywhere near stellar either. I think they lucked out with the Banks deal coming so close to Election Day. I would predict that this bodes well for Mayor Mallory to be reelected in 2009.

And the biggest piece of news was the I was not denied the right to vote yesterday because my drivers license still bears my old address. I was ready to drop old Ohio Revised Code 3505.18A on them but was not hassled at all.

God Bless America.