Simmer Down

Chris Mortensen's "insider info" that someone in the Bengals organization wants Chad Johnson traded has really sent this town into a tizzy. It's seems almost all the local media endorse the idea, thinking his antics too much [a losing streak requires someone to blame and they reckon it's Chad's fault the defense can't stop anyone]. I guess the guy having a little too much fun is the problem. The rest of the nation is catching wind of this, as even Jim Rome noted on his radio and television programs today how some people in this city are hating on CJ. Another example at the ignorance in some of our sports media representatives.. And it forces me to make a bold statement:

Chad Johnson could be the best wide receiver I've ever seen.

He's not the fastest. He can't jump higher than other receivers. But he catches ball that I've never seen people catch before.  He can contort his body to make catches that are amazing. That's why he's amazing. And that's why I'm glad he's a Bengal.

Without Chad, TJ Houshmandzadeh is just a guy with a long name. Without him the "high powered Bengals offense" is non-existent. Without him, Carson is still great, but with him Palmer is a superstar.

And some morons in the media want him out of town? Get a grip.

Chad, if you read this blog [and being a fellow Walnut Hills resident, I'm sure you do] the fans in Cincy love you. Stick with it here and we'll get your back.