Weekend Sports Recap

  • I was so disappointed that UC lost to Pitt on Saturday. Even more disappointed that I couldn't get it on any cable channel but was forced to watch it online. Murderers Row is coming up for the Bearcats [South Florida, WV and, dare I see, UConn?] so it'll be interesting to see what Brian Kelly does with this team.
  • Ohio State's defense is amazing. Say what you will about a weak Big Ten, but if this team can get back to that BCS title game they will go out of their way to redeem themselves from last year's blow-out loss to Florida.
  • In a related note, Steve Spurrier is still a putz. His team gets punked by Vanderbilt and he uses it as an opportunity to try to rip on Ohio State. The Old Ball Coach needs to realize that Florida was all he had and he will never be relevant again.
  • My buddy Alex is a huge LSU fan and even he would admit that this year's version of the Tigers aren't as good as every national commentator thinks they are. What we have this year in college football is a whole lot of medicority.
  • Since we had church last night I really didn't watch the Bengals play. Listened to the first half on the radio before our gathering and it was depressing. While I'm excited for the win, this team is still in the cellar looking up at Cleveland. If they can pull off Pittsburgh this week, the face a suspect Bills team [sorry, Greg] and could be 4-4. If that happens, there's hope.
  • My second favorite baseball team is the Boston Red Sox. And since I despise almost all things Cleveland, I loved the 3 games to 1 comeback they put up. Justin Dustin Pedroia, a rookie, has the biggest game of his life in a Game 7? Amazing. I'm pretty sure the Rockies dream run ends in Boston. Too much pitching.

And one last observation . . . well, more of a rant: Working out at Xavier this morning, I caught Keyshawn Johnson interview Chad Johnson on SportsCenter. Keyshawn makes me want to hurl. How ESPN justifies keeping this clown is beyond me. He is one of the most uninformed commentators I've ever seen and only detracts from any respectability they had. If they want to televise crap like this, don't call it journalism.

Keyshawn's whole career was "me" oriented [remember he authored a book entitled "Give Me The Damn Ball" before he had ever done anything in the league] and he's trying to paint Chad Johnson as a selfish player? A little pot/kettle action there Keyshawn. Listen, I like about 80% of Chad's antics, only get frustrated with some of his midweek press conferences, but his performance on game day had very little to do with the Bengals losing streak; FYI Bengals fans, Chad doesn't play defense. Despite all the negative attention the media wants to put on him, he still catches balls that I've seen no one else catch. If he wasn't walking the walk, I'd be angry with him. But I'm not.

And then Keyshawn comes in wearing a suit, brandishing an ESPN microphone and we're supposed to take him seriously? Youtube the interview and tell me if that interview wasn't anything more than an opportunity for Keyshawn to try to show Chad up. He's just jealous.

Memo to Keyshawn: just because Chad's going to eclipse Key's stats in every category, just because CJ already has one more Pro Bowl than you had in your entire career, just because he was smarter in marketing himself than you could've envisioned, just because he has all the endorsement deals you wish you would've had, and just because he's an all-around better player than you ever were doesn't mean he's gotta hate on him in your new role as a reporter. Oh, and don't go bragging about your championship ring you "earned" while playing for a team known as a defensive juggernaut. You were more selfish than Chad ever has been.

I would take Chad over Keyshawn any day, week, month or year. And I bet I'm not alone.