All Things Osteen

I haven't really done an extensive post on Joel Osteen, though I did talk about health/wellness gospel here. Since his new book is out [which I refuse to hyperlink because I love you] there's a lot of J.O. talk going on. Many well intentioned people get excited because his ministry is going so well and his messages sound so pragmatic. It is my belief that every American Christian should familiarize themselves with the fallacies of his teachings because they are not Biblical, nor are they the message of Jesus. So here's some places to get more info:

  1. The 60 Minutes video from Sunday.
  2. A reaction to this piece.
  3. More from the guy who criticized Osteen in the 60 Minutes piece.
  4. A review of his new book.
  5. Why Christian bookstores should refuse to sell his book.

That should be enough to get you started.