TV Thoughts

Last night we hosted an intimate gathering of The Office fanatics to watch the season premiere. I thought the second half hour was better than the first [did they try too hard at the beginning?] but having Meredith hit by a car to start the season was brilliant. I ask, though, how will a Pam/Jim relationship work over the long haul? At what point do they have a major relationship blow-up? You know it's gotta happen, otherwise it wouldn't be television. Still, if you're not watching this show, you're not in the cool kids club. As we were waiting for some late-comers to arrive before we started watching last night [again, DVR is Mc-awesome] we were lulled into watching Grey's Anatomy. Now I have never seen this show before [I liked it better the first time when it was ER, and the second time when it was Scrubs], but I'm always willing to give a show a shot.

I should've shot it in the head and put all of us out of our misery.

Besides finding many of the people annoying, I can't picture McDreamy without seeing the African Anteater Dance from Can't Buy Me Love. Seriously, I'm thinking that Survivor has more redeemable value than this crap. So you Grey's fans can look around your feet, because the gauntlet has been thrown down. Do your best to defend this mindless dribble as it's as nutritious as cotton candy.

*For some really compelling television, I still suggest checking out Ken Burns' The War on PBS. They're showing all the previous episodes this Sunday afternoon.