Fantasy Football Is Crazy . . .

. . . and female readership automatically dissipates. Last night I was lamenting that, despite the fact that I had the second highest score in our league, I was going to take the loss. Apparently the guy I was playing happened to start Kevin Curtis, who caught three TDs for the Eagles yesterday. Because I had the Cowboys defense and Rex Grossman is no good, I ended up with a slim three point lead going into tonight- and he still had Deuce McAllister playing MNF. But since the Saints are the Ain'ts, I come out with a victory.

Yeppers, baseball takes more skill.

UPDATE: Monday morning I joked to Kelly that it was sick that I would have to hope Deuce got hurt so I could win my Fantasy game. She agreed. Of course I just saw where Deuce tore his ACL in last night's game and that's why he didn't get any points.

I am, indeed, a sick-o.