So the professor of my Thursday night class is in India. So he wasn't there tonight. So we were supposed to have a sub. Sounds like junior high, huh? Shoutout: Melissa Hill.

So we watched a movie for class.

Again, sounds like junior high, huh? Shoutout: Cool Hand Luke [still not sure why we watched that in junior high].

The sub didn't show up, meaning there was no attendance taken, meaning I could've skipped altogether. But that's why you pay tuition, eh?

Why I really wrote all this: I had to walk an extra half mile to class tonight. Why? Because the campus was jammed-packed full of people. Why? There was a special event at the Cintas Center. Who were they there to see?

Dave Ramsey: financial guru. He tells you how to work your money and get rich.

I'm not a big Dave guy, and I know some of you are so I won't go on a diatribe, but it just fascinates that so many people are into hearing him (of course, people still go to see Loverboy so what's that mean?).

Apparently tickets for the event cost anywhere between $31 and $67. Here's a way to work your money: don't spend all the cash on tickets to the event and listen to him on the radio for free.

On second thought, here's a good way to get rich: become a financial guru and charge a ridiculous amount of money for people to come hear you speak. Shot fired.