Righting [Perceived] Wrongs

I knew a band once called "Right The Wrong." Not sure what happened to them. Sticking with Apple news, a lot of iPhone owners were feeling buyers remorse yesterday when the company dropped the phone's price by $200. I like what I read about it yesterday: it was an "early adopter" tax. My opinion: it's a free market system in the US, so if you paid that amount to got what you wanted. If I buy a 2008 car now, they're not going to give me the money back when they cut prices on them next year.

But Apple's a company that cares about public perception so it wasn't too surprising today when Steve Jobs offered old iPhone owners $100 in store credit. Giving back millions in profit might not seem the smartest move but they're investing in the future.

I predict this will be an iPod Christmas for many.