Help Brooklyn

I'm not one for special causes. It seems everyone has one and everyone thinks theirs is the most important. The lolipop guild has been hanging around the local parking lots raising money for their special houses but it always makes me feel weird the way they loiter near your car. Every once in awhile I toss them some change but I can't stand it when they badger you for their cause. Transition: let me tell you about one special cause that I back 100%, so much so that I'm going to encourage you to think about supporting it. I told you of Kelly and Charlie's daughter Brooklyn who has Rett's syndrome, a neurodevelopmental condition that affects young girls. Since there's no cure they're always looking to assist research.

On Saturday September 22nd there's going to be a Stroll-A-Thon here in Cincinnati to raise money for research. You can participate in a few ways:

  1. Join us with Team Butler and come walk with us. Or . . .
  2. Cash money. You know how it works.

For more info you can drop me an email or, even better, ask Brooklyn's mom. Keep up-to-date with Brooklyn here.