We Fail

I've been on the edge today and it's not a post-vacation slump. I've yelled at Kelly numerous times today [sorry, babe]. I tried a little humor in the previous post to see if I could laugh myself out of a funk; it hasn't quite worked. I even cursed at a printer; it still refused to respond. I'm still wrestling with some emotions.Another Christian friend of mine is in trouble. This time it was self-induced. This time they did what they're accused of. And I never saw it coming.

It's crazy that, despite thinking I can read people well, I get blindsided by something they do.

Here's the deal, friends of faith: it's all about where your beliefs lie. If you trust in Christian leaders more than God, you'll be disappointed eventually. I want to be a good pastor and model Jesus perfectly. But despite my best efforts, I fail. That doesn't mean I give up on trying, but the people I minister to need a greater example than I could ever be.

And they have one in Jesus. And that's why He's the focus of all we teach: we fail, He doesn't.