And, yes Madonna fans, I will add the obligatory, "Celebrate!"

We've finally taken a vacation. Before you hop in your car to break into our condo and rob us of our earthly possessions, I remind you that 1) we have an excellent security system and, 2) being so close to the ghetto, you'd probably get jumped by someone who wanted to take the junk you took for us. City living has its perks.

We're traveling with Kelly's parents and Kaelyn couldn't be happier; she loves the added attention. She calls Dave "Bah-bah" and Bev "Nah-nah" and she's saying it non-stop. Currently we're in the Vegas of the South, Gatlinburg, en route to Raleigh, North Carolina.

For those of you familiar with the Westside's premier vacation destination, we ate at the Applewood tonight. Good grub. Then Dave and Kelly went swimming with Kaelyn and the little girl wouldn't stop smiling. Good times. We've seen many a mullet, numerous Confederate flags, and too many exposed body parts that the Lord never intended to be seen. Good grief.

Kaelyn's finally asleep. Life is indeed good . . . because we're on vacation.