Tennis Love

My neighbor Dustin is covering the tennis tournament for the paper, but we got a glimpse of a superstar tonight. We met newlyweds Justin and Courtney in Mason for dinner tonight. Then we swung by a for a glimpse of the old house and finally a trip to Play-It-Again Sports to get some gently-used soccer boots.

Driving down Fields Ertel, I noticed a brand new Mercedes SUV getting ready to pull into traffic. It had the tennis tournament logo on the side of it. Sure enough, it was Roger Federer. I was in Mason for three years of tournaments and never saw any famous player. Then I move and, voila, one of the greatest players of all time.

I was reminded of my friend and former coworker Howard Pauley who, years ago during the tennis tournament, had a wonderful lunch talking to some tennis player [note: Howard doesn't know a thing about athletics, thinking SportsCenter is where they take injured athletes]. He asked the man if he was any good and the guy responded that he could hold his own. It was Andre Agassi. From my estimation, Federer was either at Barnes and Noble, Costco, Target or Michaels. Draw your own conclusions.