Come On, Ride The Train . . .

. . . if you can find it. Every couple of days we hear a train engine blow its horn. That wouldn't be too unusual except that there are no train lines remotely near to our condo. The only explanation we can come up with is that there are some tracks between a couple of factories right along 1-71 and they sound the horn as they're crossing the road [here's where I think it's located]. It just blew loud enough to wake Kaelyn from her nap but we were granted a reprieve.

I much prefer listening to fireworks after a win at GABP.


I'm adding this update almost a year and a half later in case I forget this. After being outside one day a couple of months ago, I finally figured it out. There are constantly semi-trucks dropping off shipments at the Association of the Blind just down the street. Apparenlty, there's one truck whose horn sounds just like a train horn. So that explains why it felt like it was so close, but it was not actually a train.