About Hype

Over-hyped: The movie 300. I was stoked when it came out on video only to discover that it was the p0rn version of Gladiator/Braveheart. Watching King Leonidas in the trailers scream statements about Sparta seemed cool. In the context of the movie it became laughable. Under-hyped: Fatherhood. It killed me to go to class tonight as Kaelyn cried for her Da-dah. Lucky for me she was still not wanting to sleep when I got back so I got to hold her as she fell asleep; occasionally she'd look up at me while sticking her tongue out. As I left her room she uttered out a "night-night" [which currently comes across as "nah-nah"], and I knew life was good.

Just-right-hype: My wife. Just this past week in my class, we discussed the institution of marriage. An article we read absolutely ripped it apart, suggesting that it was an archaic institution that needs to be abolished; that if you're married life pretty much sucks and you wish you weren't married. I was partly pissed/partly sad because, when I think about our marriage, I can't imagine life without it.

When we were dating I knew that Kelly was something special. There's always a little doubt as to whether the romance can last and I can proudly declare that ours has. Nine years to the day when we said "I do" it's all been worth it.

My wife is amazing. Perfect hype. Happy Anniversary, Kel.