Hot! Hot! And, Dare I Say, Hot!

Truth: my sister-in-law makes the best salsa ever.After eating it yet again this past weekend I had Kelly call Mandi to get her recipe. Kel went shopping today and got all the ingredients necessary.

And Steve rejoiced.

Before heading to class tonight I decided to cut up all the vegetables and make the legendary salsa. I never really knew what cilantro was before today. It could soon become my favorite spice; sorry, oregano. After dicing all the ingredients, including three kinds of peppers, I washed my hands thoroughly twice and got ready for class.

As I was getting ready I scratched my nose [not a pick, I swear] and it felt en fuego. I proceeded to wash my hands once more, thinking the third time's a charm, and went over to Xavier.

About half an hour into class my left hand, the one I used to hold all the veggies while cutting, felt tingly. Within the next thirty minutes, the hand felt warm. By the end of class, it was absolutely on fire. As I type this, I have to stop periodically to clench my fist because it's still burning up.

Not really sure what I can do about this. Never knew working with vegetables could be so hazardous. But when I'm chompin' down on some freakin' incredible salsa tomorrow, it'll all have been worth it.