Can Do Anything A Spider-pig Does

Took some time-out during my study day to catch The Simpson's Movie. I remember all the hullabaloo [nice word] surrounding the series in its early years. It was frequently cited as an example of decaying family values. It's interesting that now, compared to South Park and Family Guy, it's incredibly tame. There are even people who use the show to examine issues of faith in America. So this show that was originally labeled dysfunctional is now admired.

All in all, good flick. The creators used the film to do a few more edgy bits than they normally do on TV, but still it's clean compared to those other adult cartoons I named earlier. I thought they could've done a little more with it but it's still good for some great laughs. Dare I say, it's a family movie. Maybe I should market it to my church . . .

Sidenote: As I scanned the movie theater I was counting the number of people there who weren't alive when it first aired [on the Tracy Ullman show in 1987]; it was more than half the audience. So they've never known life without the Simpson's. Scary.