Family: Wife, Kelly; daughter Kaelyn. 
Employment: Vice President, Ministry Development, CDF Capital
Church role: Elder, Echo Church
Life Path:

  • Born and raised on Cincinnati's westside
  • Graduated from Oak Hills High School in 1994
  • Graduated from Cincinnati Christian University in 1998 (B.S. in Biblical Studies)
  • Married in 1998
  • Student Minister at Madeira Church of Christ 
  • Admissions Counselor at Cincinnati Christian University
  • Graduated from Cincinnati Bible Seminary in 2002 (M.A. in Ministry) 
  • Associate Minister at Christ's Church at Mason,
  • Founded Echo Church in 2005
  • Daughter Kaelyn born in 2006
  • Director of Marketing and Director of Advancement at Cincinnati Christian University
  • Graduated from Xavier University in 2009 (M.A. in Theology)
  • Graduated from Gordon Conwell Theological in 2014 (Doctorate in Ministry: Gospel in Church and Culture)
  • Adjunct Professor at Cincinnati Christian University/Cincinnati Bible Seminary from 2008 to 2016


About my digital presence:
I started to dabble in web construction/design in 2003. Originally, I used Blogger to start my online journaling, but switched to Wordpress about three years in. I continued to develop my basic coding skills over the years, but recent advancements in web tools have changed the game. A couple of years ago, I switched all my sites over to Squarespace. I doubt I'll ever code as much again.

When I started the blog, I called it "Beit Carr;" "beit" is the Hebrew word for "house." Since the pronunciation constantly confused people, I switched it over to House of Carr and use that for my online identity. Before you ask, this was all years before the popular Netflix series House of Cards, so it wasn't a play on words to show my desire to become Frank Underwood.

Because I transitioned this blog from multiple platforms over there years, there are likely to be some broken image and hyperlinks. I apologize if that's annoying. I've tried to update the site as best as possible and hopefully you can find what you're looking for.